Manage Service part of BHT business since 3 years, we manage SLA as Customers Critical Requirement.

BHT Management Services including part of:
1. Maintenance (Hardware and Software), including firmware upgrade and App update
2. Support for Incident & problem Management on site (point 4)
3. Planned Maintenance with Monitoring and reporting day to day operational, weekly, monthly and yearly.
4. 24×7 on site Support or 24×7 help desk support
5. Monitoring, performance Tuning and Control traffic data
6. Asses and Asset management Reports
7. Consulting result per Quarter and Yearly, including reporting performance and Impact Anlysis
8. Architecting and re design existing networks

Manage service is part of BHT business, we propose customized as our customers needs, we handle critical system and reporting gradually, including maintain the system performance to provide customers business.


BHT  an authorized as Technical Assistance, capable localized Services, Support and Maintenance including provide System backup

Project Management

BHT Project Management is our part of Services, we always deliver PM to Implement every project with Man days.