Big Data

With MudahLiving™ BigData® as a solution for managing, processing and displaying big data in the form of analytics, geospatial presentation, you can quickly process large data sets with varied data to get a more comprehensive picture of statistics, processes, locations, predictions and much more.

Big Data Platform is a solution for easy data processing

Technology is developing quickly, so data is accumulating and you may not have time to design, implement, and manage these large data sets. with the concept of 10 V (Volume, Velocity, Vericity, Veracity, Value, Validity, Variableity, Venue, Vocabulary, Vagueness)

Mudah Living Big Data Advantages

Created to unite all data from various application sources with distributed storage algorithms and big data processing using the development of Apache Hadoop technology and supported by analytical tools such as Spark, geospatial mapping (GIS) and presented in the form of web-based visualization based on modular containers.

Speed, Variety, and Accuracy

The Easy Living Big Data Platform is able to provide high-performance processes for handling structured and unstructured data with GPU-based servers.


Presenting data in dynamic form using visualization elements such as diagrams, graphs, or maps to represent data dynamically. Supported by programming ecosystem framework technology and adapted to user needs.

Data Entry and Integration

The MudahLiving™ Big Data Platform is able to integrate various applications and facilitate the data entry and validation flow process.

Technical Support

We have R&D which always carries out continuous innovation. Our trained and experienced technical team is ready to support users.

Latest Technology

Our Big Data is customized and based on Apache Hadoop (HDFS) with SPARK support to perform large data processing, data modeling, statistical data analytics, semantics, as well as ensuring data security and visualization that is dynamic and adaptable to user needs.